With more than 50 years in the business and a staff of more than 30 people, Pacific Perforating offers both expertise and experience in providing perforated slotted pipe in California heavy oil operations. We keep a large stockpile of tubulars of various sizes and lengths, so we can guarantee quick service and delivery.

Our team of trained and experienced professionals have the skills, trucks, cranes and other equipment needed to bring the materials you need to your lease, when you need them, no matter where it is or how small or confined the working area might be. Slotted Liners are delivered cleaned and polished – ready to use.



Tubular Slotting

Choosing a Slot Design

Slotted pipePacific Perforating produces two styles of slots -- either straight or keystone. Straight slots are the same width on the outside and the inside of the pipe. The openings on the keystone slots are wider on the inside than they are on the outside. The benefit of the keystone profile is that it allows for the slot to be self-cleaning. We also build stainless steel screen that can be welded to the exterior of specially slotted pipes to produce an extra layer of filtering for specific ground or heavy oil conditions.

The type of slot you need is determined by soil and ground conditions. Generally speaking, the width of a slot should be roughly two-to-three times the diameter of the sand you are drilling through. By using circular, high-speed steel saws and cutting into the pipe from the outside, the slots are slightly longer on the outside than they are on the interior walls. This creates a funneling effect and helps the oil flow faster.

We generally cut liners with an even number of rows so each row can be staggered. Limiting the amount of material we remove to 3% of the total surface area helps preserve the pipe’s strength and structural integrity, and also make the drainage and filtering activity more efficient.

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Machine Shop Services

As an Oilfield Tubular thread manufacturer, Pacific Perforating is held to the highest quality standards of workmanship and tracability. We offer LTC, STC 8-round connections as well as Buttress. Pipe sizes range from 2 3/8” to 10 ¾”. We offer CNC threading for large orders as well as manual threading. For shallow well completions we also offer Ventura Flush Joint Connections, an affordable alternative to Premium Flush Connections.

Pipe Threading Process

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Hydrocrane Trucking

Hydrocrane Trucking

Pacific Perforating's location in the North Midway-Sunset oilfield puts us within 30 minutes of your drilling activities. We offer well-maintained 12- and 15- ton hydrocranes with operators who are safety certified and familiar with your leases. You can depend on us for on-time and safe deliveries.

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Pipe Storage


Our 12-acre yard is the major stocking point for Kelly O.C.T. and other pipe distributors. We handle tubulars from 2 3/8" to 16" outer diameters in various grades and weights. Safety comes first in our yard with the use of man-lifts to rack pipe..

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