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Oil Field Services in Kern County

Getting heavy oil out of the ground requires filtering, and that’s exactly what our precision-made perforated pipe, also known as slotted liner, does. Our pre-engineered dynamic flow regimes pull the oil out, and leave the sand and other debris behind. Our master machinists use sophisticated multi-spindle milling machines to produce slotted pipe liners for drilled well completions in California and anywhere heavy oil is found.

Our milling machines produce slotted liners – with either straight or keystone slots – on casing or tubulars ranging from 2 to 16 inches in diameter, and up to 46 feet long. Our unique hydraulic clamping system holds the pipes steady and straight so our precision high-speed steel circular saw cutting blades can make each slot precisely and accurately, even if it’s only 1/10,000th of an inch wide. We also maintain structural integrity of the slotted liner by limiting the amount of material removed to 3 percent.

Our slotted liners can also be used in geothermal, water and environmental testing wells. We also thread casing, and produce stainless steel filtering screens as another sand-control option for all types of wells.

We have the most modern slotting machines in the U.S. to manufacture the slotted liner, and we are located in the middle of the oil patch, within 15 miles of the Midway-Sunset, Belridge, Elk Hills, and South Midway-Sunset oilfields, in Kern County, just outside of Bakersfield. We can customize and deliver most local orders within four hours of completion... 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Our Services
Tubular Slotting

Tubular Slotting
We manufacture liners according to your requirements while maintaining pipe strength and efficient drainage and filtering.

Tubular Slotting

Machine Work & Threading
We offer CNC pipe threading and manual threading. We employ the latest machine technology in accordance with API.

Tubular Slotting

Hydrocrane Trucking
We provide hydrocrane delivery service in the heart of the Midway-Sunset oilfield.